7 Days Of Me

7 Days Of Me

The 7 days of me is a pack that is created for busy modern day women and men. Discover how your body will feel within a week of clean eating, detoxing and lifestyle changes. This gentle 7 day cleanse will renew your body and especially your skin!

The goodies within the pack take you on a journey to new gut and skin health.

It contains the 7 DAYS OF ME Vital Cleanse Book, Janesce Aperitif (100ml), Bestow Beauty Oil (500ml), Bestow Body Brush, Detox Bath Salts and Bestow Blessings Journal.

7 Days of Delicious and Nutritious Recipes

People rave about how easy, tasty and filling the 7 DAYS OF ME recipes are. With stunning photography and easy to follow instructions you’ll soon be making Overnight Oats, Salmon Parcels, Baked Falafels and Roast Pumpkin Fritatta like a pro!


7 DAY Meal Planner & Shopping Guide

If you are not organised with a cleanse like this you are more likely to allow unhealthy food choices to sneak in. Preparation is the key and this book is designed to help you be as organised as possible. Our strategic meal planner and detailed shopping guide do all the ‘thinking’ for you – you just need to follow the instructions.


Janesce Aperitif (100mls)

The Aperitif is a natural blood cleanser and liver tonic that helps the body to gently detoxify. It is prepared from the extracts of 14 different plants, which have been used for centuries to enhance the functioning of the main elimination organs.

Bestow Beauty Oil (500mls) This uniquely formulated blend of seed oils helps to nourish and decongest the skin. It also supports detoxification on a cellular level.

Bestow Dry Bristle Brush for Dry Brushing Your skin is your body’s largest eliminative organ and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day. Dry brushing enhances this process and is a wonderful detoxification aid.


Bestow Blessings Journal

This beautiful gratitude journal has been designed to help you establish a practice of making a daily record of the blessings in each day. Gratitude directs our entire being towards health by boosting our immune system and promoting healing.


Detoxification Bath Salts

Epsom Salts are made up of magnesium sulphate crystals. The sulphates help draw toxins out from your body, while the magnesium helps ease muscle pain and tension. Enjoy a lovely, long soak that lets you relax and detox at the same time!

Watch this space and see how Jemma responses after doing the 7 days of me…….

What is 818 One Truth Serum?

What is 818 One Truth Serum?

You may have heard of 818 One Truth Serum but wondered what all the fuss is about! And this is a product that is worthy of a bit of a fuss, we know that for sure.

But what is the big deal?

Well, 818 One Truth Serum has been developed by Dr. Bill Andrews, and is the result of extensive research into the area of anti-ageing. It’s all to do with Telemeres. Science tells us that we all have Telemeres on the end of our chromosomes and it’s been proven that the shortening of these Telemeres is associated with the ageing process. Scientists first discovered these in the 1930’s, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they realised there was a correlation with age.




So Dr. Bill Andrews discovered an enzyme called Telemerase during his research for which he has received many accolades. This isn’t surprising considering this enzyme is thought to be able to support healthy ageing in humans while maintaining a healthy appearance.

This enzyme was then handed over to cosmetic scientists who were able to encapsulate this molecule into a complex liposome, allowing delivery into the deepest layers of the skin. Now 818 One Truth Serum is the only product on the market that contains this particular liposome.

818 One Truth Serum is the new anti-ageing serum that helps with reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration and rosacea. This product will actually reserve ageing and help to repair DNA damage in our skin cells. We have seen this with our own clients at Skin Health Studio but it’s also backed by research. Studies have shown that by using the Telomerase enzyme we can slow down and even stop the telomeres from shortening resulting in a younger more youthful skin. If you are serious about anti-ageing this is the product for you.

You can purchase 818 on our online shop!

Here’s why we love Dermaviduals and you should too

Here’s why we love Dermaviduals and you should too

If you’ve been to see us at the Skin Health Studio before, you’ll know that we love Dermaviduals and it’s one of the main brands that we use in our treatments and sell to our clients for homecare. But why do we love it so much?

A big reason is because Dermaviduals is a skincare product range that has been designed to work with every individual skin type and condition. This means that no matter what condition your skin is, there is a Dermaviduals solution available. As a stockist of Dermaviduals, we are able to tailor their products specifically to your needs, there is no one size fits all approach to skin.

Dermaviduals products have the ability to penetrate your skin to a cellular level and allows the skin to have every vital nutrient from within their products, allowing your skin to be the best it can be. This is because the brand follows the concept of corneotherapy and all of their products are developed with that philosophy in mind. Corneotherapy is the science of the epidermal skin barrier defense systems. Another reason why we love Dermaviduals so much, it uses science to restore and maintain a healthy skin function.

No wonder that Dermaviduals products are able to achieve these great results!


Dermaviduals is a prescription only product due to its high level of penetration into the skin. Being a prescription only product, this allows us to tailor make cleansers, serums and moisturisers specifically for any skin condition. It also means that we can’t sell it online, so if you are wanting some Dermaviduals product, you will need to contact us instead. You can however view the products here.

All the products contain no preservatives, perfumes, mineral oils, emulsifiers, amines and silicones. These ingredients are known and considered to be the cause of sensitive and irritated skin. With Dermaviduals you know that what you are putting on your skin is pure active ingredients with no nasties.

If you want to discuss how Dermaviduals could fit into your skincare regime, the best thing to do is book in for one of our skin consultations.