You may have heard of 818 One Truth Serum but wondered what all the fuss is about! And this is a product that is worthy of a bit of a fuss, we know that for sure.

But what is the big deal?

Well, 818 One Truth Serum has been developed by Dr. Bill Andrews, and is the result of extensive research into the area of anti-ageing. It’s all to do with Telemeres. Science tells us that we all have Telemeres on the end of our chromosomes and it’s been proven that the shortening of these Telemeres is associated with the ageing process. Scientists first discovered these in the 1930’s, and it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they realised there was a correlation with age.




So Dr. Bill Andrews discovered an enzyme called Telemerase during his research for which he has received many accolades. This isn’t surprising considering this enzyme is thought to be able to support healthy ageing in humans while maintaining a healthy appearance.

This enzyme was then handed over to cosmetic scientists who were able to encapsulate this molecule into a complex liposome, allowing delivery into the deepest layers of the skin. Now 818 One Truth Serum is the only product on the market that contains this particular liposome.

818 One Truth Serum is the new anti-ageing serum that helps with reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration and rosacea. This product will actually reserve ageing and help to repair DNA damage in our skin cells. We have seen this with our own clients at Skin Health Studio but it’s also backed by research. Studies have shown that by using the Telomerase enzyme we can slow down and even stop the telomeres from shortening resulting in a younger more youthful skin. If you are serious about anti-ageing this is the product for you.

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