Skin Health Facial Treatments

At Skin Health Studio our skin treatments are designed by Jemma to be specific to your individual needs.

Each treatment is bespoke, and you can feel confident knowing that you are being looked after by a skin expert.

Everyone’s skin is different, so everyone needs something unique to them. Our Skin Health Facials are designed in a bespoke way so your skin gets exactly what it needs.

Jemma Marr is Dunedin’s holistic skin disorder expert. She has been in the industry now for 20 years and Jemma’s passion is to help and correct skin. With her holistic approach to treating skin internally and externally, she tailors each facial to suit the client and strives for optimum results. Take advantage of knowing that your experience here is ‘one of a kind’ and that your skin is in the best hands.

Have a read through our treatments below to find the perfect solution for you.


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Skin Treatment Menu

DMK Level 1 / $250

This is your starting point to DMK’s famous enzyme treatment and skin health revision. This treatment is designed specifically for the individual and will oxgenate, detoxify and energize your skin using your own lymphatic system.  This unique treatment brings fresh blood throughout your skin, kick starting it’s optimal functioning for long lasting results. 

Your first enzyme treatment will be a wonderful experience. 

An add on LED Light Therapy is $30 extra on your treatment.

DMK Level 2  / $280

This treatment has been designed exclusively by Jemma to achieve optimum results with ageing, pigmentation, acne and general skin health.

In your level 2 DMK, Jemma removes, rebuilds, protects and encourages your optimal skin health. Includes deep cleanse, pre-exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy and Transepidermal Infusion.

Muscle Banding Treatment is available at this level and provides breath-taking results.

DMK Level 3 / $330.00

You are now at a serious stage of skin revision with level 3 DMK. 

Jemma will assess the right designed treatment protocol to meet the needs of your skin journey.

We remove dead cell build up and encourage cellular activity and new collagen and elastin production. Level 3 includes deep cleanse, double or advanced-exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy 1,2 and 3 with  transepidermal infusion of DMK’s advanced skincare.

DMK Level 4 Skin Revision / $360

This triple-layered Enzyme Therapy Treatment provides breath-taking results. Desired by many for its instant lifting and tightening qualities, it is perfect for special occasions! Includes a pre-exfoliation, Enzyme #1, #2 & #3 layering, finishing with a transepidermal infusion to lock the integral nutrients into your skin. Cleanse-Epitoxyl | Pre-Exfoliation | Enzyme Therapy Masque Layering |Transepidermal Infusion


DMK StemZyme Therapy – FULL PACKAGE/ $3125

DMK’S revoluntionary breakthrough skin revision treatment that harnessess the power of stem cell technology and enzymes to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin as you have never experienced before.

DMK’s StemZyme Therapy is the cutting edge skincare treatment that focuses on the process of stem cell differentiation life cycle.  Stem cells are building blocks of the skin, and they play a critical role in the body’s natural repair and regeneration processes.

Through a 50 day StemZyme Therapy Treatment, it is possible to stimulate the production of new fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin, tightening and regenerating the skin, giving it a healthy glowing youthful appearance. 

This is the ultimate age management system. 

The price includes: 

X1 2.5 hour StemZyme Treatment

X4 Enzyme Therapy Treatments 

Full Homecare system for 50 days 

Seasonal Specials

Like us and follow us on instagram and facebook to look out for our seasonal facial specials. We tailor our seasonal facials to the changing environment Dunedin’s weather gives us. As we all know the harsh climate down here play havoc with our skin so we will let you know every season change about our facials that are tailored to our environment. These facials are different to whats on our menu so keep an eye out on social media.


“When I first met Jemma, my skin was in desperate need of repair; it was dry, blotchy, red and basically impossible to keep moisturised. Jemma has worked her magic over the years and my skin is now amazing. I have regular appointments and religiously use the products that Jemma and her team suggest for me to use. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend at the clinic with Jemma and her team and always leave with a smile on my face and a glowing complexion.”

Cath - 40 years old

“I went to see Jemma because I was concerned about my pimples and blackheads on my face. I didn’t like them and wanted help to get rid of them. I had only used supermarket products that either striped my skin or made it too oily. Jemma gave me great advice and skincare products that really minimised the pimples and blackheads. My skin is now clear and I’m really happy with it, I would encourage any teen with problem skin to have a consult with Jemma or Heidi at the Skin Health Studio to get on the path to clearer skin.”

Grace - 14 years old