Skin Consultations

Get the right skincare plan for you

Every skin journey starts with a plan, based on a thorough assessment of your skin and its needs. Before you do anything, we need to have a full skin consultation.

With your permission, we will take before photos of your skin.  this way we can monitor your results and analysis the skin properly to formulate the right plan that will work for you.

Consultation Menu

Naturopathic Consultation for Skin Disorders / $135

This a full assessment of your general health and well being to help personalise an effective program for you. To achieve optimum results for skin health this includes both internal and external skincare.  Mainly advised for people with skin concerns and disorders.

Homecare Product Consultation / $35 

This is a consultation to tailor your homecare products to suit your skin’s needs.

30 minute follow up / $55

Once the skin is analysed and you have been prescribed a treatment plan, it is always good to come and have a follow up appointment with Jemma to keep you on the right path with your skincare journey.